Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Changing the Windows 7 start menu with other icons

Whether you are looking for Changing the Windows 7 start menu with other icons. Want to change theme Windows 7 start menu for more varied and cool please follow the steps as follows. The first step download tool changer windows 7 start button released from the link below. After downloading the tool should not be run before you should do back up your windows system restore point by making your windows 7. click start typing System Restore menu, click creat a restore point.

Then select the local drive C (system), click the Create button input the name of Restore points up to you who think about easy to remember, click and wait system restore point run and click Ok. How will backup your windows system to avoid the things that are not desirable, to How to Restore in Windows 7 click here.

Here enter ketahapan use a tool to replace windows 7 start menu on the folder you have downloaded previously please be extracted first, right-click the Start Button in Windows 7 Changer v 2.0.exe select Run as administrator.

Window will appear as above click Select and browse to the folder Change the Start Button select 10 samples orb you think would like to click open waiting for a moment that once the windows 7 start button will change with the new icon you choose, it's easy right? if you want to go back to the original windows 7 start button just click on the Explore Backup Restore Original as seen in the image above.

Download windows 7 start button changer released

To search for other icons start button button you can visit the link below 20orb

Good luck!

Bob Bishop
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