Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Set the Shortcut tab in Firefox

Whether you're looking for Set the Shortcut tab in Firefox. When you are browsing using Mozilla Firefox will definitely open some new tabs to open a website / blog, how when you open a web / blog 5 to 10 tabs even more, certainly not when it will bother going back to another tab to swing the cursor.

Here Shortcut tab in Firefox for easy switch back to the desired tab and facilitate the activities of browsing and save a little time.

Ctrl + T = to open a new tab
Ctrl +1 = to switch to a tab
Ctrl +2 = to switch to tab 2
Ctrl +3 = to switch to third tab
Ctrl +4 to tab 9 "tab 1 in the count from the left".

What if you open more tabs than 9 eg 12 tabs, an alternative can use Ctrl + PgUp and Ctrl + PgDn to switch. do not try to press the Ctrl +9 on the keyboard because you will not be returning to the tab number 9 but to the very last tab.

Other commands Ctrl-and Ctrl + to resize a page, enlarge / reduce the size of fonts to return to the page you are pretty normal following command on the keyboard press Ctrl +0.

Good luck!

Bob Bishop
Lecturer in Computer Networking
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