Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Using Computers as Alarms

Usually the alarm of Hp alone is not sufficient, or forget him setting next to you is hard / lazy to get up in the morning you can use this trick as an alternative to wake you up so as not to late to go to the event by using the computer as an alarm.

Its quite easy way in advance you make a music playlist on Winamp, Windows Media Player or another media player next step, click the start menu click all programs look for accessories menu and then select Scheduled Tasks and create new users or if you simply typed windows 7 Scheduled tasks in the search box in the start menu.

This method is by using scheduled tasks, select action menu and select creat a Basic Task for this trick I use Windows 7 if you are a user of Windows XP or Vista it possible the same way.

In the Create a basic task column fill in the name and description up to you click next on the Trigger select appropriate option you here I choose daily to set the time to start setting daily at 06:00 for example on the date please select for the next date, at recur every select 1 days .

If you already click next in the action select Start a Program option click next on the setting Start a Program click browse select the program that will be scheduled tasks for this I selected Winamp as scheduled tasks, and then click Finish.

Easy is not how to use the computer as an alarm, to the way scheduled tasks you can use for other things such as send e-mail that scheduled, hopefully the above useful tricks.

Good luck!

Bob Bishop
Lecturer in Computer Networking
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