Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Modify WinRAR Archive File/Icon

Whether you looking for How to Modify WinRAR Archive File/Icon. Hmmmm .. Did You know this type of file? Usually if we extract the RAR file you will see several files in it not only used to compress the files are huge, brings together a lot of files for easy to share with friends.

Just compare it if my friend had a lot of files that have not been in the Archive with WinRAR but will be shared via computer to another storage media, certainly not longer.

WinRAR is not only there are some other applications such as WinRAR is, besides that there is a use utilizing the archive file to insert a virus, so be careful, should be scanned first with antivirus before my friend had his exstrack.

Okay let's get a little modify WinRAR file his appearance to make it look less professional, if my friend did not have WinRAR application please suck here.

Right click on the file you want to create the archive and select Add to archive ...

Then the checklist on the Create SFX archive in select Best Compression method then click the Advanced tab, then click the SFX option .. will emerge a new window and select the text and icon.

Later in the Title of SFX window fill in the name of the file and the Load SFX logo from the file input image with BMP format file and the Load SFX icon from the input file format icon with the icon.

For the other tabs please mate tooling tweaking itself, if it is Ok and click Ok, wait until the archiving process is completed and results will be as below:

That's so cool, Are you Agree? Try clicking 2 times the archive, good luck!

Bob Bishop
Lecturer in Computer Networking
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